Spectacular Firework Displays

An operator fired display usually uses fireworks which are not available to the general public, and are designed to individual clients needs.

All Hi-5 Fireworks displays are covered by our public liability insurance - so if you represent a display venue you don't even need to use your own insurance.
Displays are available for festivals, concerts, parties, weddings, New Year’s Eve, Diwali, Bonfire Night, anniversaries, traditional events or any gatherings that warrant the truly magical spectacle of fireworks.

Just give us a call and see how we can make your day or event really special.
From Corporate Events to Product Launches, Concerts and Private Parties. We can even light your bonfire on Guy Fawkes Night for you !
Display Cakes by UK Professional Firework Company Hi-5 Fireworks.
We offer an extensive array of fireworks and effects, which, when arranged by our skilled display designers and fired by our professional operators & display teams, produce breath-taking & spectacular occasions.

Hi-5 Fireworks cater for all types of display, including intense aerial displays, traditional mixed, low level, and reduced noise shows.

Operator fired displays are available throughout the year. We offer a complete service, where safety and customer satisfaction are paramount.

Attention to detail, whatever the event, ensures total satisfaction with our products and service.
Here's a short excerpt from one of our recent shows demonstrating some 'quiet' shells - it was filmed from in amongst the fireworks too !
(c) Kris @ Hi-5 Fireworks July 2018
Cylinder Shells by UK Professional Firework Company Hi-5 Fireworks.
We can design and fire a display for any occasion and we cover the whole of the UK ...

Increasingly clients and venues alike are requesting quiet firework displays - noise nuisance and environmental pollution are both largely avoidable nowadays.

Whether we're avoiding disturbance to other guests, neighbours, pets, cattle & horses or damage to grounds we can still create and fire an amazing display for you.

We have a huge selection of stunning quiet fireworks which are every bit as good as the traditional more noisy variety - why not ask us for a mixture of both !