Hi-5 Fireworks - New Crew Update

Ian Feltham

Time to welcome our newest Crew Member to the Team. Actually, Ian joined us a while back and has been training with us for several months now. We're confident he'll make a fantastic contribution to the team in the future and we're delighted to have him on board. Ian is out most nights this week on displays with us and we look forward to having on the crew at many more shows in 2010 and 2011 - although he's already said he won't work New Year's Eve - something about having a party to go to ;-)

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Well, I'm pleased to say that our new look website is now live (with a few more pages too); more importantly we've moved our domain to a new ISP now which should give us a quicker website. Thank you for your patience during the rather painful transition period between the 2 hosting providers. Normal service would appear to be now resumed ...



Well 2010 is now well underway and we're busier than ever. Despite the recession. We have almost 30 confirmed shows over the next few months - easily enough to keep us busy over the Summer and beyond. Of course, we have plenty of trained and experienced Crew Members so we're able to fire multiple shows on the same night, luckily ;-) An increasing number of shows are to music too - I love creating them and I know our teams love working on them too - music adds a completely new dimension to any display. We're even getting busy with Christmas Light turn-ons for several councils around the UK. Here's to a hectic year !



We've really gone to town on this year's firework designs - for a sneak preview of one of our Top Secret new Display Cakes just click here (it's the most beautiful 100s horsetail to red nymph cake - which is sure to end up as one of our most popular new products for 2010). There's a lot more than this though, keep checking our website for further updates. We're off back to China in just a few weeks to check the designs and start production for delivery in May/June.

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