Professional Firework Glossary G-R

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A tube which creates a fountain (shower of sparks) effect. Gerbs can be used in firewriting or other specialist effects such as waterfalls.

HEART: An effect that creates a heart shape; created by professional shells.

HUMMER: A firework shell or projectile that makes a “humming” noise. The noise is created by the way it burns and the shape of the housing. High pitched hummers sound like screeches or whistles, low pitched ones like bees. Also someone who smells bad!

KAMURO: An effect that hangs and trails in the air not unlike a willow, often strobing or twinkling. Commonly used in finale sequences to fill the sky with long lasting effects that often persist to near ground level.

LANCEWORK: Words or phrases (such as “GOODNIGHT”) made up from lots of small fountains which when lit burn to display a message.

MAROON: A very loud bang typically created by a maroon shell (e.g. at large professional displays) or maroon rockets. Professional maroons from aerial shells can be heard many miles away.

MINE: A firework in which the entire contents are ignited at the same time, and eject upwards from a card tube (also called mortar mines). Some mines start with a fountain. Can create sudden and intense effects, but are short lived.

PALM OR PALM TREE EFFECT: A cascading, persistent effect normally created with gold or silver coloured sparks. Fireworks creating this effect in several directions cause a “palm tree” pattern.

PEONY: Well-used term to describe an effect which is essentially an expanding sphere of stars.

PIGEON: Firework device mounted on a horizontal rope, motors causing it to move rapidly from end to end several times.

PISTIL: Where an effect such as a peony has a central part to it, this is referred to as a pistil.

REPORT: The technical word for “BANG”!

RING EFFECT: A two dimensional, expanding ring (i.e. a circle) effect created with multiple stars. Commonly seen in professional displays. Some consumer fireworks and rockets now contain this effect.


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firework |ˈfīrˌwərk|noun

a device containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited, used typically for display or in celebrations.

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