At Hi-5 Fireworks we Design, Import & Sell Amazing CAT4 Professional Display Fireworks [1.3G & 1.4G]

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CAT4 Fireworks by UK Professional Firework Company Hi-5 Fireworks.
We don't sell fireworks online but if you are looking for a supplier of CAT4 fireworks call us on 0800-043-6511 to discuss your requirements. We design, import and supply a full range of Shells, Cakes, Candles and Mines; including a number of items unique to Hi-5 in the UK like colour-change Windbell Shells, Red & Green Lightning Cylinder Shells and our (almost) famous Blue & Silver Snowflake cake. We do not currently sell (and have never previously sold) CAT3 Consumer Fireworks.
We work hard with our suppliers in China to ensure that every item we import is of a very high quality and production standard.

Our commitment to both quality and innovation makes us stand out from the crowd every time - and you too can benefit from this by using our CAT4 Fireworks in your displays.

Give us a call today to discuss your requirements.
When our next containers are delivered they will contain updated versions of many of our existing products along with some absolutely stunning new products.

We can't wait to show you our custom design cylinder shells and amazing shape shells.

Just wait until you see our sea-blue strobe shells and 14, 30 and 49mm Roman Candles and shape cakes.
Display Firework Effects by UK Professional Firework Company Hi-5 Fireworks.
We stock our own unique range of CAT4 Competition Shells, Aerial Shells, Multi-Shots, Cakes, Candles, Water Cakes, Effect Mines, Single Shot Comets, and Premium Cylinder Shell Effects. 

Would you be interested in ordering some bespoke fireworks from us ? For a minimum quantity of around 50 cases per item we could order, manufacture and register premium quality CAT4 fireworks of your own design - and you'd be the only person who had them !!

Why not send us an email for further information if you're interested.

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