Dave Rockman, Professional Pyrotechnician with UK Professional Firework Company Hi-5 Fireworks.

Kris Strang van den Heuvel
Hi-5 Pyrotechnician

Kris's interest in fireworks started with photography, where after taking photos of a Hi-5 show he decided to take a closer look. After training with Hi-5 under the expert eyes of Dave and Simon he is now part of the team. 

Kris says his favourite moment of the last 12 months was firing the Hi-5 trademark 'shock and awe' finale at the 2014 fireworks display in Oakham. 

When Kris is not working with fireworks he'll be getting his hands dirty fixing cars at a Rutland car dealership or playing Airsoft, a combat simulation sport. 

Kris is experimenting with different camera equipment to try and capture the whole Hi-5 show experience for those who are not lucky enough to have seen one of our shows first hand.

Watch this space or why not find us on Facebook to see how he gets on. 


"I'm really happy to be working at Hi-5 Fireworks. Not many people get to see CAT4 fireworks from a crew perspective and the excitement and buzz before a show is great. Every show is first class and there is great satisfaction after the last firework has fired and you can hear the cheers and round of applause from the audience. And it's great fun to boot!"

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Countdown to Bonfire Night

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a device containing gunpowder and other combustible chemicals that causes a spectacular explosion when ignited, used typically for display or in celebrations.
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