Dave Rockman, Professional Pyrotechnician with UK Professional Firework Company Hi-5 Fireworks.

Dave Rockman
Professional Pyrotechnician

Dave Rockman is a professional pyrotechnician with Hi-5, and one of the company's most experienced senior firers.

Dave has been involved in fireworks displays in one form or another for nearly 20 years and has fired hundreds of safe and spectacular shows, from wedding firework displays to major corporate events and festival firework finales.

Dave is a director of Hi-5 Fireworks; Dave often travels to China to assist in the design and import of the top quality professional fireworks which are used extensively in our displays.

Dave is BPA trained to Level 2, which is currently the highest level qualification available in the UK firework display industry.

Dave says his three favourite Hi-5 firework displays have been a recent private wedding display near Oakham, a recent amazing fireworks display in Oakham and the 2014 bonfire night weekend events in Stamford.

" Luckily, we get a large number of bookings in and around Leicestershire and Rutland, especially in the Oakham area - which is close to where I live so I don't get home at 3am after the shows. Unlike Simon ;-) We're Leicestershire and Rutland's favourite Fireworks Display Company (according to Simon) which is obviously why so many of our bookings are local to me and we're lucky enough to have some brilliant venues as partners. "

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