Join the Hi-5 Fireworks Crew

Here at Hi-5 Fireworks we're always on the lookout for safe and reliable people to join the crew (most of our crew members are part time and work with us on an ad-hoc basis for just a few occasions per year). It’s probably wise to make sure you’re available for a couple of days during the first week in November though ;-)

You get to join us on our displays, get cold and wet in the Winter and spend ages waiting around in the back of the van for the display to start then get home at an unearthly hour smelling of bonfires.

On top of that you get free training (safety is the MOST important thing on a display) and you get to sit our exam at the end - only the best are accepted into Hi-5 Fireworks.

Still not put off ? Great! Simply call us on 0800 043 6511 or complete the form below ...

Welcome to Hi-5 Fireworks

UK Fireworks Display Operator and Importer of Professional [CAT4] Fireworks

Hi-5 Fireworks Ltd

We are a UK Fireworks Display Operator and also import and sell our own range of CAT4 Fireworks.

Wedding Fireworks are our Speciality!

Telephone Hi-5 Fireworks 0800 0436 511

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